Insurance Matters

Insurance Matters
Some authorities advice that if you cannot afford insurance, you cannot afford to travel. It is important to realise that unfortunate incidents do happen. They can be extremely costly when what you lose is not just your material belongings but the cost of medical fees, hospitalisation and evacuation as in the cases of serious illness or injuries which prevent you from moving on your own or worst, when death occurs.

We may need to deal with eventualities, so how do we cover the risks and obtain emergency aid when it is needed?

Adequate insurance is a necessity. It will depend on an individual’s state of health, inherent risks associated to the places you wish to visit and the activities you wish to engage in.

Tips on Risk Planning
  • Do homework on destination country
    • Availability and standard of insurance service centres
    • Crime rate and reputation of local authorities in protection and law enforcements
    • All risks - real and potential on severe weather occurrence, political unrest, rioting, terrorist attacks, health and other hazards
    • generally safe standards including health, traffic and local government and people’s attitude towards prevention, protection and dealing with emergencies
    • Severe weather conditions - seasonally expected and potential
  • List all risks you would need or like to cover
    • Cash and valuables
    • Credit and other cards
    • Loss of baggage
    • Expenses arising out of flight (and other) delays
    • Medical and hospitalisation costs
    • Evacuation if you have a serious medical condition, intend to engage in risky physical activities or visit high risk areas
    • Other eventualities example death
Preparations before you go
  • The paper work
    • Ensure all the risks you would like to cover have been included by your insurance agent
    • Read all small prints in the documents
    • Make 2 photocopies of documents, keep a set in luggage bag and the other with someone at home who can attend to it in an emergency. Originals are kept close to you.
  • List important addresses, contact numbers and internet access
  • Home country embassy or consulate, if any
  • Travel agent representative
  • Insurance agent/representative
  • Police station if travelling independently in high risk areas, alone or backpacking
  • Hospitals and ambulances if alone, backpacking or(/and) engaged in high risk activities
  • Places where internet access is available
On the go
  • Safe keeping
    • Carry original copies especially the card with you wherever you go, keep them dry perhaps wrapped in plastic
    • Regularly check to ensure original documents still with you so that timely action can be taken if they are not. If you fail to retrieve them, inform insurance agent.
  • Remember at all times - documents supporting your entire journey - air ticket, boarding pass, bills and receipts etc. must be kept. Read insurance prints on such requirements.
When help is needed
  • Claiming for losses
    • Report losses immediately to police, insurance agent(s) and contact travel agent
    • Depending on your credit card and insurance arrangements, you may obtain cash advances immediately
    • In case of flight delays, remember to give details and keep all documents supporting time and consequential loss
  • When accidents occur, you suffer injuries or sudden illness, inform the insurance agent – your ready list of contacts and address near you will be handy especially when you become incapacitated and need assistance
  • When evacuation becomes necessary as in severe weather, political unrest and rioting, injury and serious illness, inform insurance agent(s) immediately
  • Keep persons at home informed especially the one with a copy of your documents. Should events turn serious or sinister, their assistance or action may be needed.

The information and advise are intended to be a general guide for travellers only. While every care has been taken to prepare the information and make recommendations or suggestions, neither the publisher of nor its management or staff are responsible for any injury, loss or damage arising in respect of any statement contained therein.
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