From : Beh Ah Lik
© Beh Ah Lik

On the road less travelled to the iron ore mining town nestled in the Hamersley Range.

Be harmonious with nature’s best assets.
Inspiration for a tiny town – ‘FROM LITTLE THINGS, BIG THINGS GROW’.
The source of information – Visitors’ Centre.
Birds want to play too.
It must be peaceful up there.
Here’s for emergencies and if someone’s lost in the wilderness.
The blue and red posters say, ‘WORLD’S GREATEST SHAVE’.
Seats in the only cinema in town.
An interesting junction.
The ‘palace’ that is a ‘Chinese restaurant’?
Great art - aboriginal painting on a bus stop.
A natural backdrop of wild flowers and bushes for a practical ‘piece of art’.
Pristine King’s Lake.
No traffic jam - just a piece of picture-perfect setting.
Mount Nameless, the highest peak which earned the town at its base the nickname ‘Top town in Western Australia’.