The morning of Saturday 14th October was a full one with a programme covering ancient and modern, which are not so far apart in the end as at first you might suppose. We began with the ancient, then jumped forward in time. A short bus ride along the waterfront brought us to the southern end of Aswan, where we embarked on a motor ferry-boat for transfer to the temples of Philae, which are located on a rocky island, one of the many which dot the Nile in the Aswan area. With its palm trees and views over the river, it is a delightful setting for the Great Temple of Isis and the others of the complex, which dates from around the time of Christ. Philae was on an island then and it is on an island now - but not the same island. It was expected to sink beneath the waves when the Aswan High Dam was constructed, yet it was saved. International efforts moved all the temples, statues and courtyards from the first island to another one which was lofty enough to raise Philae to a higher and drier level and thus preserve it for generations to come, a truly felicitous conjunction of old and new.

After an enjoyable stroll around the pleasing site of Philae, it was back to the motor-boat, back on the bus, and on to see one of the great achievements of twentieth century engineering, namely the Aswan High Dam, completed in 1972 by Russian engineers supervising Egyptian workmen. Western nations, it is shaming to mention, were backward in coming forward with aid for the project. The dam stretches across the Nile south of Aswan at the spot where the First Cataract used to be an obstacle to through passage onwards into Nubia. Other cataracts beyond it also barred the way. Nowadays, behind the dam, instead of river and cataracts, lies man-made Lake Nasser, which extends about 300 miles southwards to the Sudan.

Other sites besides Philae were threatened by the rising waters and some were sacrificed. Naturally, therefore, there were and are conflicting opinions as to whether the dam should have been made and whether it was worth it. Our Isis group was therefore eager to hear what Saladin, who is both Egyptian and Egyptologist, had to say about it. On the whole he approved of the dam, despite the loss of some lesser ancient treasures (the best ones were rescued). His reason was that a huge amount of fresh water is collected in Lake Nasser and can be released when required. Thanks to this immense reservoir, Egypt has been spared the disastrous famines which have afflicted other African countries. I have to confess that as a spectacle, the dam left me cold - but I can understand why it had to be put there.

Most tours include a chance for the clients to spend their money and our visit to Aswan was no exception. While returning to our cruise-boat, we made a halt at an emporium which purveys papyrus, the traditional writing material of the pharaohs. It turned out to be an interesting interlude. We were all offered a free cup of delicious mint tea, then saw a demonstration of how the papyrus plants are made into sheets fit to receive writing and paintings. Samples were offered for sale in a range of sizes, most bearing pictures or designs based on ancient Egyptian artwork. Two of them now adorn the walls of my house, tastefully framed.

Next we completed our drive to the Commodore, had ten minutes in which to deposit our purchases, change films, etc., and then were off yet again for a less strenuous but very agreeable outing. This was the ride in a felucca, one of the typical little boats which have been used on the Nile for centuries. We could all unwind after an active morning, enjoying the movement through the water, the cooling breeze and the varied views of the shores and islands. It was tricky trying to take photos, however, because of the changes of direction and positions of the sail, not to mention the heads of fellow passengers, so that is my excuse for not getting a shot of Aswan's famous Old Cataract Hotel, which overlooks the Nile from atop a pile of rocks. It was in this high -class establishment that a famous work of detective fiction, 'Death on the Nile' was penned. The hotel still contains its Agatha Christie Suite - commodious and expensive I am told, though that is only hearsay, as I did not get to see it myself. Two of my cruise-ship acquaintances managed it on the following day - they bribed a security guard to let them in. These days it is not easy to wander in and out of hotels just for a look as security has understandably been tightened up as a consequence of the terrorist attack.

Following the sail we were free for the rest of the day, so after lunch (served late to fit the day's schedule) I retreated to my cabin for a good sound siesta. True, I deserved it - but I was also trying to store up a reserve of sleep to give me strength for the next day.

Nearly all the sightseeing excursions from our cruise boat were included in the total price of the holiday, so I made sure I did not miss any of them. Sunday, 15th October, on the contrary, was - or could be - a day off in the middle of the cruise at the place where we would, alas, be turning back. We had a choice of two or three optional (thus extra as to payment - but Thomsons take Visa) trips, going off into Aswani independently, or simply doing nothing. It promised to be an ordeal, but I nevertheless exerted myself to book a place on the outing to Abu Simbel, hence the necessity for sleep. So many people were similarly inspired that we had to go in two shifts and my name came up on the first shift, which meant I had to rise from my bed at the ungodly hour of 2.30 a.m.!


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Les milieux scolaires

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