My destination for the second week of my holiday in Egypt was the Movenpick Resort Hotel located at a spot called El Quseir on the Red Sea coast due east of Luxor. I wanted to see the fabled Red Sea, I wanted to see the Eastern Desert which separates the sea from the river, and I felt a change of pace would be a good idea. Only three passengers off the Commodore were bound there - myself, plus a couple from Cheshire, Jean and her Greek Cypriot spouse Stavro, who had actually been to the Movenpick before and were looking forward to their second stay there. Stavro, it turned out, had been born in Cairo and spoke fluent Arabic, which was fun for him and helpful for the rest of us. Though we three were the only occupants of the mini-bus when it drew away from the main Presidential Nile dock, the one near to the Sheraton Hotel, we picked up several other travellers from other hotels on our way to the rendezvous for the Red Sea Convoy.

The current transit system, devised for the protection of tourists, is that on certain days and at certain times, those departing for the Red Sea all assemble in a back street of Luxor and then set off with a guard of armed policemen leading and following in dark blue 4-wheel drive vehicles. The trip takes from four to five hours, depending on whether the policemen are taking it easy or are in a hurry. A road goes directly east from Luxor to El Quseir, but that one is closed to tourist traffic so we had to take a longer one, round three sides of an oblong.

At the starting point for this new and unknown stage of my trip was a miscellaneous collection of conveyances all waiting for the signal to go. The ever-enterprising streetwise businessmen of Egypt were on the job. One was trading from his portable postcard stand and another was busily accepting One LE notes for the use of his lorry's ladies' and gents' conveniences. Then somebody (who?) indicated that we were off, so back we piled into our transport and sat down to enjoy the ride.

We began by proceeding northwards parallel to the Nile, through a green agricultural region and alongside a wide irrigation canal as far as the town of Qena. Here we turned right and were very soon in the desert, driving across next to what might be a railway one of these days. The desert landscape was of the now familiar greyish-beige tint, and this day we had our closest yet view of it. There was sand, of course, but also many rocks. As we moved east we did not see the rolling dunes one imagines as typical desert (though in truth there is no such thing as a typical desert - they are all dry, but otherwise they are all different). What we eventually saw and drove through was a range of steep rugged mountains.

Part way across we had a pit-stop at the Cleopatra Coffee Shop which comes complete with a painting of the celebrated queen on the wall outside (of the basic and garish school of art) and inside a well-appointed (i.e. it had paper) toilet facility at the portal of which stood a little man to take our One LE notes. After some days in Egypt you find yourself hoarding them for just such occasions as these. Near the Cleopatra are enough other rough structures, a mosque among them, for the place to be designatable as a village.

Leaving behind this outpost of civilisation we followed the road into the above-mentioned mountains, eventually emerging from this wilderness to hit the Red Sea coast at Port Safraga. Here the official convoy terminated and the assorted specimens of transport went their own ways. Our route was south to El Quseir. We had the desert to the right hand, the ocean to the left, and precious little else anywhere. I found it beautiful. Let us pray that it never turns into another Costa del Sol or Miami Beach. About five miles short of El Quseir itself is the Movenpick Hotel, almost indistinguishable from the desert setting, for it is nowhere more than two storeys high (and that only in the main buildings) and is built from the local stone. We arrived there at 12.30 p.m.

I then passed one of the laziest weeks I have ever enjoyed, with the result that I felt really well rested by the end of it. Mind you, it took me more than half the week to get used to idleness. Even though I have now retired, I still have more things to do than time in which to do them and when at home am always out or working in the house or engaged in one of my hobbies (such as literary composition). My hotel 'room' was a neat terrace house built in Nubian style with a domed roof and a balcony. The whole Movenpick complex is quite extensive and beautifully landscaped. It is right on these a front with its own beach and diving centre (for those brave enough to take the plunge). I wet my feet in its waters, but was not daring enough to swim in the Red Sea. It is, of course, blue.

On a map the Red Sea is shown as long and thin - which it is, relatively speaking. In fact it is open ocean (you know Arabia is on the opposite side, but it is below the horizon and you cannot see it) and comes equipped with strong currents, choppy waves and fresh sea breezes. Indeed, I was woken in the middle of one night by what seemed to be a powerful gale. Making sure that I did not allow the wind to slam the door and shut me out in my nightie, I went on to the balcony to investigate. There were no clouds and no rain but objects from the balconies were shaking and rattling. By morning the elements had calmed down.

During that refreshing week I ate and drank in moderation (except for the first two days when I was afflicted by a slight stomach upset), swam in the pool or sat by it studying the collection of magazines and books which I had brought with me, wrote the occasional postcard, and chatted to fellow guests. By no means all of them had arrived in El Quseir via the trans-desert cortege. I met two ladies from Ilkley in West Yorkshire who had come for the diving. Their route was quite different from mine. They had flown from Gatwick to Hurghada (a resort further north of us, beyond Port Safaga) and been driven down from there.


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